Healthy pancake mix made from baby food

ULTRAMIX pancake mix

Enjoy safe pancakes for both your baby and yourself. When making baby food pancakes for my child, I was worried about the ingredients, so I made something safer and more delicious.
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Why Ultramix is ​​good for your body

Contains Hokkaido buttermilk

It contains buttermilk, which is a by-product of butter production, so you can bake moist and rich pancakes. We are particular about low sweetness and simple deliciousness.

Trans fat free

It does not contain trans fatty acids, which are banned in many countries due to concerns about their negative effects on health.

aluminum free

We use a leavening agent (baking powder) that does not contain aluminum, which reduces safety if ingested in large quantities.

No fragrances, colorants or preservatives

No fragrances, colorants or preservatives are used.

No texture improvers, nutritional enhancers, etc. used

It does not contain any unnecessary substances such as texture improvers or nutritional enhancers.

ULTRAMIX Pancake mix