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ULTRAMIX pancake mix 500g Healthy, wholesome, baby food-friendly pancakes. Aluminum-free, trans fatty acid-free.

ULTRAMIX pancake mix 500g Healthy, wholesome, baby food-friendly pancakes. Aluminum-free, trans fatty acid-free.

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A pancake mix born in my kitchen as baby food for my little one. It is trans fatty acid free, uses an aluminum free leavening agent, contains Hokkaido buttermilk, and is without any flavoring or coloring agents. This mix allows you to make moist, chewy pancakes that are low in sweetness. It has a sales count of over 560,000 sold in Japan. It is also sold on Rakuten and Amazon, etc. It is sold Japan-wide at places such as high-end supermarkets (though I can't publicize their names).


A pancake mix born in the kitchen 16 years ago, from an idea for baby food for my child. A powder mix free of trans fatty acids, blended with Hokkaido buttermilk, with a leavening agent free of aluminum that allows you to make chewy pancakes. Hugely popular within Japan, primarily among mothers of young children. For a time it was sold at the storefront of many stores from supermarkets, import food stores, sundry shops, and clothing stores to co-ops, and the phone didn't stop ringing with inquiries. I have experience exporting to Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, etc.

Our Story

For this powder mix developed as a toddler's weaning food, the ingredients are more fastidious compared to a conventional pancake mix (it is melded with Hokkaido buttermilk, uses an aluminum free leavening agent, and is free of trans fatty acids) and, from its standing as a confection, it can be given safely to children, can be cooked in a pan, has a natural taste that can be enjoyed every day, and is a health-conscious powder with high added value; its forte is that it is unique in Asia (even in Japan). Also, it is low in price compared to organic powder mix. It is a family-oriented product particularly resonant with the infant-rearing generation; the whole family can gather and have fun cooking it together, and also enjoy eating it. I believe that it will receive welcome in Asia where economic growth is remarkable, where there are many generations raising children, and where there are many mothers who feel reluctant in giving their children domestic food products. My goal is for it to have a comeback in popularity in Japan.


Store at room temperature. Expiration date is one year (from date of production). Add eggs and milk, mix well, fire the batter off in a pan, and enjoy. 200g makes about 7-9 pancakes (serves 2-3 people).

Product details

・Ingredients: wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), sugar (sugar, glucose), starch, shortening, buttermilk powder, salt / inflating agent, processed starch, (some wheat and milk ingredients included)
・Content:500g x 1 bag
・Storage: Avoid high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight.Store in a place where odors are not transferred.
・Directions:Now Let's Make Some Pancakes. All You Need Is 1egg and milk! ULTRAMIX 200g,mix milk 200cc and 1 egg. MAKE! Cook over low heat. (about 1 minute and 30 seconds) on a lightly greased skillet, flip over and grill over a lower heat for another minute. (about 1 minute), and serve when golden brown.
・Country: Japan
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