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ULTRAMIX Pancake Mix & Pancake Pan 20cm & Tower Silicon Ladle & Lightweight Cup 5-Piece Set

ULTRAMIX Pancake Mix & Pancake Pan 20cm & Tower Silicon Ladle & Lightweight Cup 5-Piece Set

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ULTRAMIX Pancake Mix was born in 2006 in my kitchen for my child's baby food.
We came up with this mix as a result of our efforts to create a nutritious food that can be chewed with the gums during the weaning stage (chewing stage) and contains very little sugar and salt.
I raised him largely by feeding him chopped vegetables from the refrigerator, shaved dried foods such as dried tofu, and baked foods mixed with dried fish powder.
Thanks to this, my eldest son was able to reach adulthood with zero cavities and no need for a hospital.

It is rich in flavor of Hokkaido buttermilk, fluffy and glutinous.
It is a safe pancake mix that is trans fat free, aluminum free, and contains no flavors, colors, or preservatives.

This 5-piece set includes an iron frying pan, a silicon ladle, and a lightweight Tritan cup, all made without the use of PFAS (Polyfluorinated organic compounds), which are feared for their environmental pollution and safety. The frying pan is coated with a transparent silicon baking finish to prevent burning and sticking, making it easy to use.
Iron frying pans have excellent heat resistance and good heat conduction, allowing the flavor to be concentrated in a short time. It is possible to cook pancakes that are crispy on the outside and fluffy and chunky on the inside. Compared to aluminum frying pans, the outer crust is crispier and the inside is chewy with condensed buttermilk flavor. It is a harmony of deliciousness that lasts even after cooling!

After use, wash well with a scrubber and dry in a well-ventilated place.
Iron frying pans can efficiently supply iron because iron ions (iron dioxide), which are easily absorbed, adhere to food during cooking.
Iron is necessary for the development of the brain and other central nervous system, and infancy and early childhood are critical periods in a child's development.

Recommended for celebrations, gifts, returns, greetings, and commemorative gifts.

Set Contents
Ultramix pancake mix 200g x 2 bags
Ultra-mix iron frying pan 20cm x 1
TOWER Tower silicone ladle white x 1
LAYER Layered measuring cup 200ml x 1

ULTRAMIX Pancake Mix
Name: Pancake Mix
Ingredients: Wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), sugar (sugar, glucose), starch, shortening, buttermilk powder, salt/expanding agent, processed starch, (some wheat and milk ingredients included)
Contents: 200g x 2 bags
Storage method: Avoid high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight.
Shelf life: Stated separately on the product.
Seller: Hap Bee Corporation 7-22 Shiomidai, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki City

A 200g bag makes about 7 to 8 pancakes.

ULTRAMIX iron frying pan
Compatible heat sources: Gas, induction cooker (200V, 100V), halogen heater, radiant heater, sheath heater)
Material: Iron (transparent silicon baking coating), natural wood handle
Size: 200 x 382 x 70 mm (bottom thickness 1.6 mm)
Weight: 590 grams
Country of origin: Japan (Tsubame City)

Tower Tower Silicone Ladle
Made of silicone, this ladle is non-slip, heat-resistant, and elastic, and will not damage bowls, pans, and other utensils. The tip floats, so it does not rest directly on the surface and is clean. It fits over pots and pans, so you can scoop curry, stew, etc. cleanly without leaving any residue. Lightweight and easy-to-use kitchen tool. Includes a lightweight scale. One light cup of ultramix batter is just the right amount for an iron frying pan.

Brand: Yamazaki Jitsugyo Tower Series
Size: approx. W8 x D6 x H25.5 cm
Capacity: Approx. 8 per ladle
Material: Body: Silicone (Core: Nylon)
Heat resistance temperature: Silicone part 220℃, Nylon part 150
Country of origin: China
Dishwasher safe

Yamazaki Jitsugyo LAYER LAYER 200ml
Easy to measure from the top with the stepped memory. Made of heat-resistant and crack-resistant Tritan resin.

Size: approx. W12.5 x D8.5 x H8.7cm
Quality Label:Tritan resin
Heat resistance temperature: 100°C
Capacity: 200 ml
Microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe

■What are PFAS?
PFASs exhibit physical properties such as water and oil repellency and thermal and chemical stability, and are used in a wide range of applications including fire extinguishing agents and water-repellent finishes. On the other hand, they are also called eternal chemicals because they are rarely decomposed in nature, and their toxicity to the human body and the environment has been pointed out, drawing attention as a global environmental issue.




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