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ULTRAMIX Pancake Mix 200g x 2 + 500g x 1 bag & Pancake Iron Frying Pan 20cm 4-piece set No PFAS (Organic Fluorine Compounds) Used Rust-proofed No pre-cooking required PFAS-free

ULTRAMIX Pancake Mix 200g x 2 + 500g x 1 bag & Pancake Iron Frying Pan 20cm 4-piece set No PFAS (Organic Fluorine Compounds) Used Rust-proofed No pre-cooking required PFAS-free

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ULTRAMIX  Pancake Mix was born in my kitchen in 2006 as a baby food mix.
This mix was created after we devised a food that can be chewed with the gums during the chewing stage, is highly nutritious with very little sugar and salt.
We grew them by chopping up vegetables from the refrigerator, feeding them shaved dried foods like freeze-dried tofu, and baked foods made from a mixture of dried sardine powder.
Thanks to this, my eldest son was able to reach adulthood without any cavities and without needing to go to hospital.

It has a rich Hokkaido buttermilk flavor and is fluffy and chewy.
This safe pancake mix is ​​free of trans fatty acids, aluminum, and contains no artificial flavors, colorings, or preservatives.

The set includes an ULTRAMIX  iron frying pan that does not use PFAS (fluorinated organic compounds), which are feared to be environmentally harmful and unsafe.
It is easy to use because it has a clear silicone baked-on coating to prevent burning and sticking.
Iron frying pans have excellent heat resistance and good thermal conductivity, so they can condense the flavor in a short time. You can bake pancakes that are crisp on the outside and fluffy and chewy on the inside. Compared to aluminum frying pans, the outside is firm and crispy, while the inside has a chewy texture with the concentrated buttermilk flavor. It's a harmony of deliciousness that continues even when it cools down!

After use, wash it thoroughly with a scrubbing brush and dry it in a well-ventilated place.
When cooking with an iron frying pan, easily absorbed iron ions (iron dioxide) adhere to ingredients, allowing you to efficiently replenish iron.
Iron is a nutrient necessary for the development of the central nervous system, including the brain, and the period from infancy to early childhood is an important period for child development.

【set content】
・Ultramix Pancake Mix 200g x 2 bags
・Ultramix Pancake Mix 500g x 1 bag
・Ultramix iron frying pan 20cm x 1

[ULTRAMIX  Pancake Mix]
・Name: Pancake mix
Ingredients: Wheat flour (domestically produced), sugars (sugar, glucose), starch, shortening, buttermilk powder, salt/leavening agent, modified starch, (contains wheat and dairy ingredients)
・Contents: 200g x 2 bags, 500g x 1 bag
-Storage method: Store in a place away from high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight where odors will not transfer.
・Expiration date: Listed separately on the product
・Seller: Hap B B Co., Ltd. 7-22 Shiomidai, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki City

*One 200g bag can bake approximately 7 to 8 pancakes.

[ULTRAMIX  iron frying pan]
Compatible heat sources: gas, induction cooker (200V, 100V), halogen heater, radiant heater, sheath heater)
Material: Iron (transparent silicone coating), handle: natural wood
-Size: 200 x 382 x 70 mm (bottom thickness 1.6 mm)
Weight: 590g
・Country of origin: Japan (Tsubame City)

■What are PFAS? Some PFAS exhibit physical properties such as water and oil repellency, and thermal and chemical stability, and are used in a wide range of applications, such as fire extinguishing agents and water repellent finishes. On the other hand, they are also called eternal chemicals because they rarely decompose in nature, and their harmfulness to the human body and the environment has been pointed out, attracting attention as a global environmental issue.


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