Regarding gift wrapping and Noshi

We accept wrapping (gift wrapping) and Noshi (Noshi).
Please read the details below and make your selection in the selection field during the order process.
There may be cases where wrapping is not possible, especially for large items or frozen items. Please contact our store before purchasing.

Wrapping bag (324 yen charge)

We offer gift wrapping using various original wrapping bags with wrapping clips. Depending on the size and shape of the product, we may not be able to accept it. In that case, we will notify you by email.

About wrapping multiple products

Items are grouped together and wrapped in one package for each shipping destination.
The type of wrapping will be the same for all shipping destinations. If you would like to wrap items separately, or if you would like to specify different wrapping types, please place separate orders.
*Colors may vary depending on your monitor.

① Satin PP bag (logo) + wrapping clip

② Satin PP bag (brown) + wrapping clip

③ L size pink satin PP bag 50×65cm

④ L size brown satin PP bag 50×65cm

⑤ Mother's Day PP bag (any color) + tag set

⑥ Birthday pear bag (color available) + tag set

⑦ Father's Day PP bag (brown PP bag) + tag set

⑧ Christmas pear bag (color available) + tag set

Noshi (free)

We have 3 types available. If you would like Noshi, please select it in the selection column. Also, if you would like a front page (Noshi top/bottom), please write in the notes section.

For customers who wish to receive their gift, we will accept it in the "inner gift" of our original shipping box (we do not provide a gift box).

You can choose from the following types: red and white bowknot, red and white knotted knot, and black and white knotted knot. For information on the types of Noshi, please refer here.