User Guide

Regarding orders

About ordering online

The Ultramix web shop accepts orders 24 hours a day, unless the site is unavailable due to system maintenance or server malfunction.

Confirmation of your order

Once your order has been completed according to the ordering instructions, you will receive an [Order Details Confirmation (Automatic Email)] sent to your registered email address via our automatic delivery system. If you do not receive an order confirmation email, the email may not have been delivered. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us via the "Inquiry" form/phone/FAX. *Customers using free web mail should be especially careful. Please check your email address again. Please note that if your email is returned, we may contact you by phone to confirm. We will ship the product after confirmation.

For those who order using a smartphone or mobile email address

If you have set your domain to be rejected, please do so so that you can receive emails from

Confirm your order

At our store, we will receive your order details, and if you choose to pay in advance by bank or Japan Post, we will send you a [Payment Information Email], and if you choose other payment methods, we will send you a confirmation email of the delivered product. After arranging delivery such as checking the condition and quantity, we will send you an [Order Confirmation Email] containing the total payment amount, etc. Please be sure to check your email from our store. (If you choose a prepayment method such as bank transfer, we will make arrangements for shipping the product after confirming the payment.)

*The [Order Confirmation Email] from our store will contain the details of your purchase, estimated shipping date, payment amount, etc. Please be sure to check. Please note that from the perspective of environmental conservation, we do not issue a "Purchase Statement" . This [Order Confirmation Email] will be used instead. Please save your order confirmation email until the transaction is complete.

Additional orders

If you contact our store, we will reply if it is possible to add it. When ordering the item you would like to add, please write a comment in the notes section indicating that you would like it to be included with your existing order.

Please contact us by phone first.
If you contact us by email, it may take time to confirm the order, and we may not be able to accept additional orders.

*If the deadline has passed, we may refuse to add items to the package.

About product inventory

We do our best to ensure that the products we sell do not run out of stock, but there may be cases where products are shared with multiple Web stores, or products are out of stock or discontinued by the manufacturer, causing inconvenience.

If you are considering a large quantity order, please contact the supplier in advance so that we can confirm stock availability.

Regarding packaging and gift wrapping

About purchase details and packaging

From the perspective of environmental protection, we avoid excessive packaging and actively reuse resources.
In addition, we do not include a purchase statement. We will replace it by email. Please note.


About Ultramix Point Members

This is a point program open to everyone.
Points are accumulated based on account opening and purchase amount (1 point per 1 yen) (10 points are given to new accounts).
Redeem your accumulated points for rewards (coupons) depending on your balance.
You can redeem from the "Redeem Reward" tab on the Point System Dashboard that appears in the pop-up window.
There is no limit to the number of points you can earn.

Redeemed vouchers can be used at checkout (settlement).
Points cannot be used at checkout (settlement).